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The conference was successfully held - New Vision of TCM Constitution

The Hong Kong Federation of Inventions and Innovations, together with the Hong Kong Health Science Park and the Life Programming Culture Foundation, successfully held a new vision of traditional Chinese medicine health preservation: life programming plan - scientific research lecture.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Hu Jinlian, Chairman of the Council, founder of the theoretical system of life programming, founder of Hongjian TCM Clinic and Hongjian TCM Eye Center, founder of International Chinese Medicine Bianstone Society, Chairman of Hong Kong Professional Registered Chinese Medicine Association, former Hong Kong Baptist University TCM teacher of the School of Chinese Medicine, founding member of the Hong Kong Chinese and Western Medicine Association, former Distinguished Visiting Professor of Shenzhen University, former host of the Radio Television Hong Kong Channel 5 Chinese Medicine Special Line and other programs, lectured by Prof. Qin Hong.

If the prejudice of constitution is not corrected in time, different diseases will easily appear after middle age

The lecture session introduced the classification of the nine types of constitutions in traditional Chinese medicine, such as damp-heat constitutions that are prone to fat and cholesterol abnormalities. It is easy to produce high blood pressure, inflammation of kidney, liver and bladder. People with phlegm-dampness are prone to diabetes, stroke and heart disease after middle-aged and old age. Depressed people are prone to mood swings and depression. People with qi deficiency have relatively weak working ability and thinking ability, and are prone to fatigue and strain. People with yang deficiency tend to be cold, cold, and prone to hypothyroidism in old age. Brain function declines easily in old age. People with blood stasis are prone to coronary heart disease and stroke. People with yin deficiency have a strong personality, poor emotional control, and are prone to bone degenerative diseases. Trait people have congenital physical defects, allergic reactions and other diseases.

Meeting Seven people from HKFII and Life Programming Culture Foundation attended the on-site meeting of CityU. 52 netizens from universities, research institutes, enterprises and institutions, and social groups participated in the online meeting and asked questions and discussed online. Guangzhou Jinan University, Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master of Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Zhai Hongfeng, Chinese physician, answered the questions of the conference.

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