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Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department BUD special fund activities

In order to assist Hong Kong enterprises to expand the mainland market, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has launched the "Special Fund for Brand Development, Upgrading and Transformation and Expansion of Domestic Sales Market" ("BUD Special Fund") to assist enterprises in developing their brands, upgrading and transforming Or expand the domestic market, thereby enhancing and promoting their competitiveness and business development in the mainland.

The BUD project applied for by the Hong Kong Federation of Inventions and Innovation (HKFii) this time includes the establishment of a platform to promote the commercialization of Hong Kong patents, the establishment of a Hong Kong pavilion in Mainland exhibitions, and business matching and organization, targeting specific industries. seminars and other activities to help Hong Kong build an overall image of innovative ideas and high-quality inventions, and to promote Hong Kong enterprises to further commercialize their patents in the mainland market.

In order to fill the capital shortage of Hong Kong’s I&T start-ups and create a more dynamic I&T ecosystem, the Hong Kong government has launched a series of development funds to promote and support applied research and development and technology transfer and application .

Introduction to the Online Platform for the Promotion of Hong Kong Patents

The Hong Kong Patent Commercialization Platform is an exclusive platform to facilitate mainland enterprises and investors to focus on patents related to industry categories, and to contact Hong Kong enterprises to further develop commercialization. This project solicits Hong Kong enterprises that intend to commercialize patents in the Mainland through different channels, and seeks and collects detailed information on their Mainland patents from them. After obtaining the patent details, the Hong Kong Productivity Council will review and analyze the patent content and classify each patent into biotechnology and environmental protection, automation and opto-mechanical, information technology and communication, and new materials and sensors .

The Mainland Patent Commercialization Seminar was successfully held at the Hong Kong Productivity Council on June 22, 2018

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