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Leading Hong Kong as a Dynamic Source of Invention and Innovation


​About us


The predecessor of the Hong Kong Federation of Invention and Innovation was the Asia Innovation Association established in 1999. Its members include inventors, software industry, scientific research academia, industry and professional circles. industrialization.


Inventions and innovations will be rooted in our DNA, become part of our culture, and make significant contributions to the advancement of Hong Kong, the Mainland Greater Bay Area.

Our Mission


Encourage and promote invention and innovation, thereby enhancing social competitiveness
and quality of life in the city.

Encourage, provide and organize professional services, provide effective support for inventions and innovators, enable their inventions and innovations to be realized, and contribute to social progress.

Encourage young people's interest in invention and innovation, so as to enhance young people's open-mindedness, courage to explore and innovate.

Provide an interactive communication platform for inventors and innovators, industrial and commercial enterprises, people and institutions interested in invention and innovation.

Join us - lead invention and innovation together!

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